Twenty Seven

I will always love playing with neutral colours.
Navy and beige/tan/camel are pretty much a match made in heaven.
You really can’t go wrong.

I also really love the oversized collar on this jacket, and the extra panel along the back shoulder.

Top: H&M (similar here)
Jeans: H&M (similar here)
Jacket: Le Chateau (some time ago…)


Peace & Love ❤

Twenty Five

Any ladies out there with itty bitty legs like me?

Ever find yourself checkin’ them luscious gams in the mirror, but think: WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE A COUPLE INCHES LONGER?!

Have no fear, I have a solution for you – one that doesn’t involve a wheelchair and extensive rehab for months (I’m looking at you, leg extension surgery).



Look for a pair that has a pointed toe.  The narrowing lines of the point will elongate your beautiful legs, boosting your height (sort of) – and your confidence.

** Extra length if you buy the pumps in nude!

I’m always looking for ways to feel taller, because yes, I do have a complex about my height.  *insert blushing emoji here*


I saw these babies at Winners (right?!), and I LOVED everything about them.  The colour obviously caught my eye first – hello, they’re cobalt blue – but the design was what really drew me to them.   I’m loving the lace-up style with the sexy little cut outs.

Side note: There is a “rule” about little legs and ankle straps.  That rule is to avoid them as they ‘cut off’ your leg at the ankle and therefore actually give the illusion of shorter legs.  Let’s just avoid that rule for now.  It doesn’t always apply. 


I decided to play around with things since my usual go to is very black, or very white.

I feel like I’ve achieved “global” status with this look.  

Global…get it?

You know, green/blue/tan? Earth colou…….. nevermind.  I’ll just see myself out…



I paired these blue suede beauties with my favourite jade pants (Urban Behavior), and this AH-MAZING faux fur coat (H&M).  Honestly, this jacket makes me feel so thug…but like, Beyonce thug.  Is that even categorically correct?

MY POINT IS, I feel so badass/Queen-like in this piece (also, very warm so very practical).

If you don’t already own a ridiculous(ly awesome) jacket like this, you should definitely invest in one.  You’ll cherish it and BONUS: if you’re socially awkward quiet like I am, it’s a GREAT conversation starter.  People will be asking if they can pet you, left – right – and – centre.

It’s not that creepy, I swear.


If it does start to get overly weird, then you’ll look fabulous as you run the opposite direction.  I recommend practicing the running if you’ll be wearing your blue suede shoes.

This post got kind of weird.  Sorry.

(Not sorry)

For a 4 inch heel, these shoes are actually quite comfortable.  Especially for naps mid-shoot (see below).

Ladies, don’t be afraid of heel height.  It all depends on the style of the shoe.  If the shoe supports you in all the right areas, then the height of the heel won’t be so intimidating.


Now that you know what to look for — Happy shopping! 🙂 ❤


Bonus Material

If you REALLY want to feel small and insignificant, take a journey into the mountains.  Every so often I need that escape, and I had the privilege this past weekend.

To remind me to stay humble, and to remind me that my troubles really are non-existent in the grander scheme.    The fresh mountain air also does wonders for a soul.  I swear, it’s truly magic at work…like some kinda Harry Potter sorcery.  Ya feel me?








Twenty Two

This illness is seriously kicking my arse. HXC. Ugh.

I’ve been on a ‘positive’ journey this year, but let me tell you – it is HARD to stay positive when everything hurts or aches and you’re having trouble getting proper nutrition, which just further drags you down.

When the sun doesn’t shine anymore, so-to-speak.

It makes me realize just how much I take my health for granted.  It’s time to make that shift back to appreciating my every day abilities, and spend less time pondering what I can’t do in this moment.  Truthfully, I can do anything.  It’s just difficult right now and I’ve been having a mini pity party the last few days about it.

Feel free to take out your tiny violins and sing along to the tune… *wah wah wahhhhhh*

Shoutout to all of the people in this world who live with chronic illness and constant pain, and still manage to kick butt and get shit done with a smile – you the real MVP. 

On the brighter side, I’ve been able to hella level up in COD, so that’s the bonus to this whole situation.  But enough about that.  Let’s talk about clothes!
(Something that makes me super happy no matter what else is going on)

I’m still obsessing over the high-waisted jeans, and these ones that I found are extra awesome because they have a HUGE bell flare to them.

High waist.  Massive bell.  Clearance for Five Bucks (again).  TRIPLE WIN.


You also may have noticed that beautiful blob of grey hanging beside my shoulder.


That is my new homegirl, Rhea (Kors).

I have been searching high and freakin’ low for the last year at least for a backpack that caught my eye.  Something classic, something simple, something solidly coloured, something smaller.  Seems like an easy enough list to fulfill, right?



It was totally on a whim that I decided to step into a Michael Kors that day and just “browse”, as I had done previously so many times.  I have NO idea how I missed Rhea before on the countless times I’d visited MK, but it was fate this day when I happened upon her.  Especially when I looked at her price-tag and saw a number under 250.  HOLLA!

It was like a backwards Academy Awards speech.  My wallet thanked me for spending reasonably within my limits.  My heart thanked me for finally fulfilling it’s material wish. My right shoulder and neck thanked me for finding a solution to the constant torture they’ve endured carrying a single strapped purse filled with 5 lbs worth of crap…crap that I insist on carrying everywhere (even though statistically there is basically nil chance that I will need 95% of it, BUT THE CHANCE IS STILL THERE).

My left shoulder can now carry it’s weight (haaaaaa, see what I did there…).

It’s only fair.

I am so looking forward to the days that I can step out in this outfit without having to layer a massive winter jacket over top of it.  How much longer until the grass turns green?!


PS.  I do NOT look like this currently.  I took these photos a few days ago before this Throat Beast got a hold of me.  Currently, I am curled up in sweats and tissues, with my Saje diffusor furiously working beside me.  I smell good though, because I did make it to the shower today.  Celebrate the little victories.

PSS.  You’ll see these curls in quite a few posts right now (or maybe all).  That is what happens when you decide that you need to trim your bangs but think you can handle it all on your own.

PRO TIP: If you’re me, you can’t and you will definitely mess it up.
At least my bangs grow fast.

It’s almost Friday.  Hang in there, beauties! ❤



Twenty One

Well that was an interesting week.  

I have been so ill, but the optimist (?) in me just thought,
“Oh this is just a stress cold.  It’s fiiiiiiiiine.”

But, it wasn’t feeling all that fine, and so I drug myself to the doctors today to find out that it could be (probably, most likely, almost certainly) strep throat!  Huzzah!

I’m actually okay with this.  Any excuse to stay in the pj’s, amirite?!

Thank God for backlogged photos.

Aside from feeling horrid, I’ve also just been so distracted lately.  You’ve seen that puppy video floating around … you know the one titled “When You Can’t Do Life Because You Get Distracted By Everything”?

Literally me.  #TooSchoolForCool


In all honesty, I tend to get sidetracked and moved around often – I just blame it on my creative side.  SO MANY IDEAS.  SO LITTLE TIME.  

To my fellow walking tornado’s – hi!
(I see you out there…you can’t hide).

I don’t know why but I’ve really been digging the retro styles lately.  Maybe because so many old styles have been popping back up and planting their seeds in my subconscious.

I  picked these jeans up a couple weekends ago for FIVE BUCKS.  #ThanksHM

“I’m not a mom but I’ve got the pants for the job!”
…Who coined ‘Mom Jeans’, anyway?


These high-waisted flared babes are soft, and comfortable, and maybe they give me a “mom bod” (*insert controversy surrounding women wearing high-waisted jeans*) but that doesn’t offend me.  Moms are humans who create other humans within their own bodies.  Moms are badass…seriously, highest admiration for you all…and you read the part where I said they were 5 bucks, right?

Hell, if you can find any clothing item for 5 bucks I say buy it and rock the crap out of it.  Who gives a hootenanny what anyone else says.  Make it YOU.


It’s never your clothes that make you look amazing anyway; it’s the confidence you have in your glorious, incredible, strong, beautiful self.  

(And a great pair of sunnies doesn’t hurt…)



Furthermore, I love these jeans because they give me a hint of a booty.  All my “that’s-not-my-arse-it’s-just-extended-thigh” sisters will relate to me when I say I will take that hint WHENEVER I CAN.  Who’s with me?!


Now, here’s to kicking whatever this is that’s dragging me down and onward to a wonderful (hopefully warm) weekend ahead! 




I made it to Twenty.  I can hardly believe it.  This blog has been my love child for over 2 years now; it’s the execution that’s been the struggle.  Woo for accomplishments, however small they may seem!

(note: no accomplishment is ever really small. celebrate every victory.)

Smiling tons lately because it feels more and more like Spring, which is ABSURD for February where I’m from…

(Canadian Prairies)

Spring Fever means florals!
This is one of my favourite shirts for obvi print reasons;
also it’s light and airy – perfect for Spring vibe-age.

Is that even a word? Vibe-age? Well, it is now.

Also, absolutely obsessed with these suede fringed booties from Aldo ❤
Something in my closet that is ACTUALLY IN SEASON for once.
(Style: WADIA -> Get them HERE)


I seem to have a favourite pose, but hey, if it works….right?



This leather jacket is from H&M (similar style HERE), and is easily the MOST worn item in my entire wardrobe.  It’s been in my closet for a couple of years, and if I recall correctly I got it on clearance for less than 20 bucks.  Super deal, right?!  Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank, ladies (and gentlemen) 😉

Classic piece, goes with everything (literally), always in style.

Speaking of H&M, if you have never purchased a pair of Superstretch Treggings (trouser/leggings) THEN WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR.
But seriously.
These are a must-have staple.  They stretch, they are black, did I mention they stretch?
They are also only $20…
So you really need to grab a pair.  You’re welcome.


Something else we need to chat about before you return to your Hump Day activities.
Make-up related.  

You probably already know since I’m a bit of a late bloomer in this department.

Recently got a sample of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original)
(find it HERE)

I’ve tried other primers in the past, and even become a little creative in making primers from things that aren’t actually primers… I’ve never been impressed.

Then this little purple tube of magic liquid fell into my black and white striped bag and I was blown away.
I wanted to really test it out, so I threw it on before my Zumba class.
I used it under MAC’s ORB shadow* and Kat Von D’s Ink Liner in Bukowski.

*(probably not the best choice since it’s exactly the same colour as my skin but hindsight is you know…)

Guys, if you knew how much I sweat in my class your mouth would be agape like mine was.  It did not BUDGE.  Not a crease or a smudge what-so-ever.
I even had to include some heavy elbow-grease when I attempted to remove it;
NOTHING was taking it off (not even my make up remover wipes).

Moral of the Story:
If you’re looking for a primer, then this UD product is the jackpot.  Pick it up.
Or shame me for only discovering it now.  Same-same.

Note: These photos (^^^) were taken *after* my Zumba class, not before.


It’s Saturday.  Does this also mean that it’s date night?

If you’re looking for a little inspo for a last minute idea, I’ve got a great look for you.  For me, date nights are special and I always want to look my best – but that doesn’t necessarily mean dressing ‘fancy’…I still want to be comfortable!  Who says you can’t dress up comfort?!

If you want a look that’s casual chic, grab these: a fitted, dark wash denim, a statement piece top (ie: this insanely sweet H&M top that I’m wearing – that feels like it should be hanging in a gallery instead) and your fave coat to accompany it all.  I always love to add a great pair of heels or booties to complete the look and give it that ‘dressy’ vibe.  There’s something about a good pair of heels that makes any piece of clothing feel that much classier.

Top -> H&M (in stores now!)
Jeans -> True Religion Joey.  These are my GO-TO jeans.  Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to look amazing, but investing in a great piece or two is wise.  These jeans may have been a little pricier, but they’ve been in my closet for years (5+) and they’re still going strong.
Boots -> Call It Spring
Trench -> GAP
Watch -> “Jacqueline” by Fossil
Lip -> I’m not usually a lip girl, but I find that I always pull this combo out when I want to wear something.  Both by MAC, Liner in Whirl and Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy.




In keeping with the conversation on mental health and wellness from yesterday, I want to focus today’s post on things that make me happy!  Sometimes we don’t realize how much emphasis we put on the things that bring us down in our lives – let’s work to shift that focus onto the things that lift us up, that make our hearts giddy, that brush a smile across our lips!

So here we go – a few things that make me happy:

— COFFEE, or maybe I should say “cream and sugar with a splash of coffee” as I am a Tim-Horton’s-Triple-Triple-kind-of-girl.  HA!
— Popcorn.  It’s actually probably unhealthy how addicted I am to popcorn.  I am that person who goes to movies literally JUST so I can get popcorn… most of the time I don’t even care what movie I’m watching.  LOL
— Peanut butter and chocolate (specifically white).  This list is off to a good start, as so far it only contains food items – which definitely make me happy.
— Seasons, and the changing, evolving beauty that they bring.  I love that I live in such a diverse climate.  I get to witness the birth, aging, death and rebirth of everything over and over again.  To see this cycle around me is such a humble reminder that from every loss we can be renewed once again.
— Laughter.  Those moments that rumble deep in your gut, surging up through your chest and bursting out the door of your mouth… you know, I really think there is something to the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine.”  Especially when you engage in laughter with others 🙂
— Friends/Family.  This is the obvious cliche, but it’s so important in life to acknowledge your tribe and be grateful for all they bring you.  Family isn’t always blood.  Your circle consists of who your soul connects with, those who love and appreciate you for who you are, and who lift you and bring you to the best version of you possible.
— Theatre/Film.  I love the arts so much.  I was very much involved in them throughout school.  Being on a stage is such a natural thing for me.  It’s a great expression of truth, and I love witnessing the growth of this expression in other performers – whether on stage or in film.  I’m a HUGE movie buff.  If I’m not roaming the lands for great deals on awesome pieces, you’re more than likely to find me watching a play or a flick.
— Writing.  Ahhh, all my other writers – I bet you can relate to this 🙂 The older (and wiser) I get, the more I appreciate and am thankful for allowing myself to undress onto a sheet of paper.  There’s something so therapeutic not only about emptying your thoughts and ideas onto a canvas, but also in the physical act of penmanship itself.  I adore cursive, and it’s one of the greatest things I look forward to teaching my future children.
— Dancing and ZUMBA!  Growing up a dancer,  movement has always been a part of me.  I danced my whole childhood and well into adulthood (from 6 to almost 22!).  When I quit my dance studio, I just felt lost.  A fire inside of me was snuffed out.  Enter: Zumba Fitness!  For real, Zumba gave me meaning again.  It brought my light back; it got me back to dancing down the aisles of Walmart and Home Depot (lol I dance EVERYWHERE I go). I have been participating in Zumba for around 4 years now and it’s one of the most entertaining, enjoyable things I’ve been a part of.  After a long week, it’s the one thing I look most forward to.  So many smiles and laughs, and sweat! Who can ask for a better combo?! 😉

What is it that makes you happy?


Speaking of Zumba, I’ve decided to showcase my favourite Zumba style.  These pants bring one thing to mind:  This is how I roll, animal print pants outta control … Fun fashion definitely does not stop on the streets.  Don’t be afraid to bring it to the gym with you!  I love drop-crotch pants … I lovingly refer to them as my ‘diaper pants’ (HAHA) but honestly, they are SO comfortable.  For Zumba they make me feel like I’m part of an awesome hip-hop group -which in a way I kind of am- and it makes the class that much more exciting.  Get your thrills wherever you can, ladies and gentlemen!!! 🙂  I own these pants in black as well, and usually those are my go-to’s for class;  when the sweat starts pouring, lighter colours are sometimes not the best choice, you know because…. well, I’ll leave that image to you!  I altered one of my favourite Victoria’s Secret PINK tees (for better ventilation mostly), and I never leave the house for class without my Cons in hand. NOTE: If you have bad arches or just need more support for your feet, I recommend not dancing in Converse shoes.


Fitness can sometimes be gruelling, so aim to make it fun whenever you can!  I encourage you to bring a little more of “you” to your style choice the next time you head to the gym!  🙂 See how it makes you feel!  You’re already hella awesome for working on building a stronger you, both in mind and body – give yourself room to have a little FUN with it!  ❤


Happy Monday, world!

Recently I saw Dirty Dancing on Broadway Across Canada.  I LOVE the arts and theatre, as does my family – so much so, that we are Season Ticket holders.    It’s become a little tradition for my mother, grandmother and I to attend these shows together.  I hadn’t watched the movie for ages, but watching it on stage was so nostalgic and lovely!  I went home and watched the film after because I had forgotten how moving the story was (and how catchy the tunes are!)… it was incredible to see it played out live – and that lift!!!  Overall, it was so well done and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who gets the chance to see it to take that chance.  Even the actors looked so similar to who they were portraying from the film – Johnny looked and sounded so much like Patrick Swayze it actually started to freak me out a little bit.

Generally for these shows people love to dress it up fancy.  It’s sort of like going to the opera, though less ball-gown-esque.  I see and admire so many amazing looks, but for myself, I usually stick to something “business casual”.  Opting for a soft blazer with a single pocket tee and a darker wash, bootcut jean are always a great choice!  I added a pointed leather bootie to finish the look off, keeping that caj feel.  Ya feel me?  Sometimes I swap out the jeans for a great pair of black pants, or the tee for a more relaxed button down, but that all depends on how I’m feeling that particular day.  Or hour, or minute…

I also couldn’t resist purchasing this (hilarious*) hoodie from the merch stand.
*I’m a regular Zumba junkie (any Zumba fans out there?!!), and spacing is a HUGE issue in our class.  For some reason, I always seem to find myself in a football huddle, so I chuckled to myself when I first laid eyes on this hoodie; my immediate thought went straight to, “This would be PERFECT to wear to Zumba class”… Needless to say, it did NOT go over well initially –LOL- but after a brief explanation of it’s origins, others seemed to get a kick out of it as well 🙂


When the winter temperatures begin to mild here in Canada, I get super excited.  By mild, I mean instead of -30*C, it jumps to between 0*C and -10*C – that’s shorts weather here… haha!  We’ve actually been really lucky this season so far, as we haven’t had too many really cold days.  One of the things I dislike the most is having to layer really heavy articles of clothing to keep warm.   There’s an old Danish proverb that states, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”… Well, I have to agree, but there’s only so much a girl can layer on while still looking fab!

Last night was one of those days where I just felt like dolling up and hitting the town.  I was so grateful for the warmer temps – that means I could delve into my skirts!  I tend to be a bit of a fashion chameleon – going from one end of the style spectrum to the other – and this outfit definitely brought out the “Rocker Girl” side of me.  I grew up a country girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m exclusive to it.  Play around with your style, ladies! There’s no rule book for this – and if by chance somewhere there is, throw it out the damn window.   Have FUN with your fashion!

Pairing a simple black and white cropped top, with my high waisted button down skirt and my all time favourite leather jacket, brings out the rebel side of my personality.  This skirt, by the way, I picked up at H&M on Clearance for SEVEN.DOLLARS.  Yes, you read that right.  Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank!  My boots from Dune London are making a comeback … but honestly, you’ll see a lot more of them because they are probably THE most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  Finishing off the look, I’ve included some of my favourite accessories in complementary colour schemes – Quattro G Perforated Crossbody Bag by GUESS and my beloved Jacqueline Gold-Tone watch by Fossil.

Most of my wardrobe is neutral.  I love working with neutrals as it gives me more room to play around with textures and patterns.  What are some of your favourites to work with?

Phone Case: Ardene
Cologne: Atelier Cologne , Collection Azur, Cedre Atlas (Sephora)
Lippy: Buxom Lips in Amber



Thought Train Tuesday:

Today I’ve decided to include another one of my personal writings.  It’s something I’ve had swishing around in my mind for a while now, and it feels more appropriate than ever.  I see so many people, women especially, competing with one another and trying to tear each other down.  Why?  We are all unique and full of worth in our own special ways.  We need to see each other through, to lift each other up.  Look around – you probably see beauty and quality everywhere around you.  In architecture, in automobiles, in flora and fauna, in clothing and accessories – so why not also in people?   Think of the world you live in as a giant art hall.  The people around you are moving exhibits.  You’re not going to love every person, but appreciate them either way; appreciate the qualities that you love in someone, and appreciate that you might not feel connected to others.  Art is evolutionary; artists hone their skills over years and years of practice, failure and accomplishment.  Appreciate then, too, that the moving exhibits around you are the same.


“What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” – Martha Graham

I have no desire to be perfect.  I find it an insult to my character to be referred to this way.  To be perfect means to have reached an end, to stop – stop growing, stop learning, stop evolving.  I am flawed, in many ways, and I am wonderful in many others.  Nothing about me is perfect, but I am a priceless masterpiece.  I am a work of art.

Art is meant to be flawed; that is what makes it incredibly beautiful.  It displays proudly every ridge and crooked line.  It doesn’t pick and choose what it shows.  It doesn’t care what you think because it doesn’t matter.  Your opinion doesn’t change it.  It simply is, alive and raw, and giving a damn for no one.  You may notice every out-of-place element and conclude that this renders it ugly, a monstrosity.  No matter; though you disagree, its beauty remains intact.  Strong and steadfast, under scrutinizing light, it does not falter.

What if we all began to see ourselves as works of art?  Our souls are the artist of our bodily canvas.  None can take the beauty that is subjective to your opinion alone.  After all, what others think of you is none of your business.  What you think of you is, and you’re still beautiful and strong; you possess unwavering merit.


PS:  I am OBSESSED with these incredible DUNE boots that I just acquired.  Fun, creative sunnies from SunglassSpot – TONS of adorable styles, and super super affordable.  Also, featuring my favourite jacket from Le Chateau – I’ve had so long I could probably say that it’s vintage haha!