Twenty Six

When you live in Canada, and it’s “spring” (okay, almost) but you’re straight up sick of having to dress for winter weather.   Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Step 1 – Wear a dress, and bare legs (cause f**k snow, right?).
Step 2 – Throw on faux fur vest that, let’s be honest, is more like a giant rug with arm holes.

(FAB Winners Find! Still bloody awesome.)


I was playing around with looks last night.  I recently got this ridiculously adorable dress (from Garage! Get it here) but I obviously bought it on a whim, and when I got it home I realized in horror that I had no idea how to style it.

That’s when I discovered that it goes exceptionally well with these amazing boots (courtesy of my S/O’s mama) and this ballin’ vest.  Boho spring/summer chic, anyone?


One of the first things I thought of immediately after I threw it on (like I was a member of the Russian mafia) was a quote I’d seen online that goes like this:

“Walk in the club like what up I have social anxiety and I wanna go home.”



THESE BOOTS THOUGH.  I am obsessed with them.  I received them in November, and had tucked them away for summer.  You can’t tell from a distance, but they are perforated and are technically “summer boots” so – not so Canadian-winter-friendly.

I caught a glimpse of the bright floral out of the corner of my eye, like the blinding of the sun when a cloud once covering it suddenly dissipates.  IT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS ALL OVER AGAIN.

“OH YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!”, I gleefully exclaimed.


Since this weekend marks the official beginning of spring, I am hoping with every atom in my body that the snow will disappear promptly, and I can whip this styling out in real time sooner than later.

Additional bonus: Floral is SUPER in right now (I’m looking at you Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana – you masters, you).  Rediscovering these boots couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! ❤



Gold accents.

Yeah, I went there.  Happy Friday! 🙂



Twenty Five

Any ladies out there with itty bitty legs like me?

Ever find yourself checkin’ them luscious gams in the mirror, but think: WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE A COUPLE INCHES LONGER?!

Have no fear, I have a solution for you – one that doesn’t involve a wheelchair and extensive rehab for months (I’m looking at you, leg extension surgery).



Look for a pair that has a pointed toe.  The narrowing lines of the point will elongate your beautiful legs, boosting your height (sort of) – and your confidence.

** Extra length if you buy the pumps in nude!

I’m always looking for ways to feel taller, because yes, I do have a complex about my height.  *insert blushing emoji here*


I saw these babies at Winners (right?!), and I LOVED everything about them.  The colour obviously caught my eye first – hello, they’re cobalt blue – but the design was what really drew me to them.   I’m loving the lace-up style with the sexy little cut outs.

Side note: There is a “rule” about little legs and ankle straps.  That rule is to avoid them as they ‘cut off’ your leg at the ankle and therefore actually give the illusion of shorter legs.  Let’s just avoid that rule for now.  It doesn’t always apply. 


I decided to play around with things since my usual go to is very black, or very white.

I feel like I’ve achieved “global” status with this look.  

Global…get it?

You know, green/blue/tan? Earth colou…….. nevermind.  I’ll just see myself out…



I paired these blue suede beauties with my favourite jade pants (Urban Behavior), and this AH-MAZING faux fur coat (H&M).  Honestly, this jacket makes me feel so thug…but like, Beyonce thug.  Is that even categorically correct?

MY POINT IS, I feel so badass/Queen-like in this piece (also, very warm so very practical).

If you don’t already own a ridiculous(ly awesome) jacket like this, you should definitely invest in one.  You’ll cherish it and BONUS: if you’re socially awkward quiet like I am, it’s a GREAT conversation starter.  People will be asking if they can pet you, left – right – and – centre.

It’s not that creepy, I swear.


If it does start to get overly weird, then you’ll look fabulous as you run the opposite direction.  I recommend practicing the running if you’ll be wearing your blue suede shoes.

This post got kind of weird.  Sorry.

(Not sorry)

For a 4 inch heel, these shoes are actually quite comfortable.  Especially for naps mid-shoot (see below).

Ladies, don’t be afraid of heel height.  It all depends on the style of the shoe.  If the shoe supports you in all the right areas, then the height of the heel won’t be so intimidating.


Now that you know what to look for — Happy shopping! 🙂 ❤


Bonus Material

If you REALLY want to feel small and insignificant, take a journey into the mountains.  Every so often I need that escape, and I had the privilege this past weekend.

To remind me to stay humble, and to remind me that my troubles really are non-existent in the grander scheme.    The fresh mountain air also does wonders for a soul.  I swear, it’s truly magic at work…like some kinda Harry Potter sorcery.  Ya feel me?










Thought Train Tuesday:

Today I’ve decided to include another one of my personal writings.  It’s something I’ve had swishing around in my mind for a while now, and it feels more appropriate than ever.  I see so many people, women especially, competing with one another and trying to tear each other down.  Why?  We are all unique and full of worth in our own special ways.  We need to see each other through, to lift each other up.  Look around – you probably see beauty and quality everywhere around you.  In architecture, in automobiles, in flora and fauna, in clothing and accessories – so why not also in people?   Think of the world you live in as a giant art hall.  The people around you are moving exhibits.  You’re not going to love every person, but appreciate them either way; appreciate the qualities that you love in someone, and appreciate that you might not feel connected to others.  Art is evolutionary; artists hone their skills over years and years of practice, failure and accomplishment.  Appreciate then, too, that the moving exhibits around you are the same.


“What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” – Martha Graham

I have no desire to be perfect.  I find it an insult to my character to be referred to this way.  To be perfect means to have reached an end, to stop – stop growing, stop learning, stop evolving.  I am flawed, in many ways, and I am wonderful in many others.  Nothing about me is perfect, but I am a priceless masterpiece.  I am a work of art.

Art is meant to be flawed; that is what makes it incredibly beautiful.  It displays proudly every ridge and crooked line.  It doesn’t pick and choose what it shows.  It doesn’t care what you think because it doesn’t matter.  Your opinion doesn’t change it.  It simply is, alive and raw, and giving a damn for no one.  You may notice every out-of-place element and conclude that this renders it ugly, a monstrosity.  No matter; though you disagree, its beauty remains intact.  Strong and steadfast, under scrutinizing light, it does not falter.

What if we all began to see ourselves as works of art?  Our souls are the artist of our bodily canvas.  None can take the beauty that is subjective to your opinion alone.  After all, what others think of you is none of your business.  What you think of you is, and you’re still beautiful and strong; you possess unwavering merit.


PS:  I am OBSESSED with these incredible DUNE boots that I just acquired.  Fun, creative sunnies from SunglassSpot – TONS of adorable styles, and super super affordable.  Also, featuring my favourite jacket from Le Chateau – I’ve had so long I could probably say that it’s vintage haha!



Hello!  Welcome to my blog, and thanks for stopping by.

For years I have been, what I guess you could call, an amateur fashion aficionado.  Since I hit puberty, I’ve fallen madly in love with anything and everything fashion.  As I’ve grown and matured (slightly), my fashion style has changed dramatically, and continues to do so.  I believe that’s what is so great about fashion – it is ever-changing and ever-evolving.  Fashion can be fun; it is supposed to be fun.   Yeah yeah, there are the famous “fashion faux-pas” rules (like no socks with sandals!), but rules were meant to be broken!

I’ve finally decided to translate my love of fashion and style onto the greater medium that is a blog.  I hope that I can inspire those die-hard fashionista’s (and the closet fashionista’s – you know who you are)  out there with my looks and inspirations.  Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes – and price tags.  I’m here to prove that, while yes there are all of the great brands out there that we love (Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent – I’m looking specifically at you!), looking and feeling great doesn’t have to break the bank.

Now – Let’s get this thing rolling!

Fur is back, people.  Really, I don’t think it ever truly left.  Fur is one thing that I absolutely LOVE for fall/winter styling.  I kind of feel like it goes with everything, and if you don’t agree with me – I don’t really care.   My only stipulation is that it be faux.  Weird, right? A girl who adores fashion so deeply but balks at the thought of wearing a true dead animal? Well, to each their own I suppose (no judgement on all you dead-animal wearers; I respect all fashion lovers equally).  Fit and flare jeans – you can’t go wrong.   One of my favourite fall looks is a solid fit and flare paired with a faux fur vest.  Throw in a pinstripe boyfriend shirt (tucked or loose, option is yours), and some suede-tassled booties (not pictured 😦 sorry) and you’re golden!

Vest – H&M, Jeans – Rock & Republic, Boots – Forever 21