Quicky post!

Ran some errands tonight and though I threw it together in a snap, I love this winter outfit.  Just because Weather Network says its -19*C (but feels like -30*C) doesn’t mean I have to dress like the Michelin man.  It’s all about the layers!

Outfit details (most of this unseen in photos):
Bottom – tights, shorts, thigh high black socks and of course my rubber booties!
Top – basic tank, black long sleeve, jean blouse and structured peacoat
And of course, couldn’t leave without my favourite toque! (that’s a beanie/hat for all of you non-Canadians)

Even though it’s so cold that even Frosty stays home, doesn’t mean you can’t still look good if you brave the weather.  Really though, being born and raised in Canada, -30*C is balmy.

Side note: say hello to my little friend, Faye 🙂 She decided she was going to be in at least one of the photos I took.
(Sorry for the quality; my iPhone was all that I had available in my spontaneity)


Jacket – Old Navy, Skirt – Garage clothing, Boots – Call it Spring shoes



Wow!  Am I ever glad that exams are over and semester is officially done!  I did not anticipate school to absolve my entire life, but it happens and I am so glad to have some time now to get back to the wonderful world of fashion blogging!  Hopefully over break I can get a few more posts out.  🙂

Now, I love dressing up as much as the next girl, but sometimes you really just want to throw on some jeans and give your feet a break from the heels (or maybe that’s just me?).  Even though you are “dressed down”, it doesn’t have to look like it!

My first casual look consists of your basic skinny leg jean, and two things that go remarkably well together for fall: leopard print and wintergreen.  Throw these two together and you’ll always have a chic fall look, no matter what the garment.  I chose to wear a basic long-sleeve tee in a leopard pattern, and my velvet wintergreen pointed flats (with scalloped edge for added awesome).  Easy as pie!  (If anyone can actually explain that saying to me, please do.  If it refers to making pies, then it is a LIE…. it’s true to meaning for this reference of fashion anyway!)

Jeans – American Eagle, Belt – Guess, Shoes – Ardene, Top – Jules & James