Happy Monday, world!

Recently I saw Dirty Dancing on Broadway Across Canada.  I LOVE the arts and theatre, as does my family – so much so, that we are Season Ticket holders.    It’s become a little tradition for my mother, grandmother and I to attend these shows together.  I hadn’t watched the movie for ages, but watching it on stage was so nostalgic and lovely!  I went home and watched the film after because I had forgotten how moving the story was (and how catchy the tunes are!)… it was incredible to see it played out live – and that lift!!!  Overall, it was so well done and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who gets the chance to see it to take that chance.  Even the actors looked so similar to who they were portraying from the film – Johnny looked and sounded so much like Patrick Swayze it actually started to freak me out a little bit.

Generally for these shows people love to dress it up fancy.  It’s sort of like going to the opera, though less ball-gown-esque.  I see and admire so many amazing looks, but for myself, I usually stick to something “business casual”.  Opting for a soft blazer with a single pocket tee and a darker wash, bootcut jean are always a great choice!  I added a pointed leather bootie to finish the look off, keeping that caj feel.  Ya feel me?  Sometimes I swap out the jeans for a great pair of black pants, or the tee for a more relaxed button down, but that all depends on how I’m feeling that particular day.  Or hour, or minute…

I also couldn’t resist purchasing this (hilarious*) hoodie from the merch stand.
*I’m a regular Zumba junkie (any Zumba fans out there?!!), and spacing is a HUGE issue in our class.  For some reason, I always seem to find myself in a football huddle, so I chuckled to myself when I first laid eyes on this hoodie; my immediate thought went straight to, “This would be PERFECT to wear to Zumba class”… Needless to say, it did NOT go over well initially –LOL- but after a brief explanation of it’s origins, others seemed to get a kick out of it as well 🙂


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