In keeping with the conversation on mental health and wellness from yesterday, I want to focus today’s post on things that make me happy!  Sometimes we don’t realize how much emphasis we put on the things that bring us down in our lives – let’s work to shift that focus onto the things that lift us up, that make our hearts giddy, that brush a smile across our lips!

So here we go – a few things that make me happy:

— COFFEE, or maybe I should say “cream and sugar with a splash of coffee” as I am a Tim-Horton’s-Triple-Triple-kind-of-girl.  HA!
— Popcorn.  It’s actually probably unhealthy how addicted I am to popcorn.  I am that person who goes to movies literally JUST so I can get popcorn… most of the time I don’t even care what movie I’m watching.  LOL
— Peanut butter and chocolate (specifically white).  This list is off to a good start, as so far it only contains food items – which definitely make me happy.
— Seasons, and the changing, evolving beauty that they bring.  I love that I live in such a diverse climate.  I get to witness the birth, aging, death and rebirth of everything over and over again.  To see this cycle around me is such a humble reminder that from every loss we can be renewed once again.
— Laughter.  Those moments that rumble deep in your gut, surging up through your chest and bursting out the door of your mouth… you know, I really think there is something to the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine.”  Especially when you engage in laughter with others 🙂
— Friends/Family.  This is the obvious cliche, but it’s so important in life to acknowledge your tribe and be grateful for all they bring you.  Family isn’t always blood.  Your circle consists of who your soul connects with, those who love and appreciate you for who you are, and who lift you and bring you to the best version of you possible.
— Theatre/Film.  I love the arts so much.  I was very much involved in them throughout school.  Being on a stage is such a natural thing for me.  It’s a great expression of truth, and I love witnessing the growth of this expression in other performers – whether on stage or in film.  I’m a HUGE movie buff.  If I’m not roaming the lands for great deals on awesome pieces, you’re more than likely to find me watching a play or a flick.
— Writing.  Ahhh, all my other writers – I bet you can relate to this 🙂 The older (and wiser) I get, the more I appreciate and am thankful for allowing myself to undress onto a sheet of paper.  There’s something so therapeutic not only about emptying your thoughts and ideas onto a canvas, but also in the physical act of penmanship itself.  I adore cursive, and it’s one of the greatest things I look forward to teaching my future children.
— Dancing and ZUMBA!  Growing up a dancer,  movement has always been a part of me.  I danced my whole childhood and well into adulthood (from 6 to almost 22!).  When I quit my dance studio, I just felt lost.  A fire inside of me was snuffed out.  Enter: Zumba Fitness!  For real, Zumba gave me meaning again.  It brought my light back; it got me back to dancing down the aisles of Walmart and Home Depot (lol I dance EVERYWHERE I go). I have been participating in Zumba for around 4 years now and it’s one of the most entertaining, enjoyable things I’ve been a part of.  After a long week, it’s the one thing I look most forward to.  So many smiles and laughs, and sweat! Who can ask for a better combo?! 😉

What is it that makes you happy?


Speaking of Zumba, I’ve decided to showcase my favourite Zumba style.  These pants bring one thing to mind:  This is how I roll, animal print pants outta control … Fun fashion definitely does not stop on the streets.  Don’t be afraid to bring it to the gym with you!  I love drop-crotch pants … I lovingly refer to them as my ‘diaper pants’ (HAHA) but honestly, they are SO comfortable.  For Zumba they make me feel like I’m part of an awesome hip-hop group -which in a way I kind of am- and it makes the class that much more exciting.  Get your thrills wherever you can, ladies and gentlemen!!! 🙂  I own these pants in black as well, and usually those are my go-to’s for class;  when the sweat starts pouring, lighter colours are sometimes not the best choice, you know because…. well, I’ll leave that image to you!  I altered one of my favourite Victoria’s Secret PINK tees (for better ventilation mostly), and I never leave the house for class without my Cons in hand. NOTE: If you have bad arches or just need more support for your feet, I recommend not dancing in Converse shoes.


Fitness can sometimes be gruelling, so aim to make it fun whenever you can!  I encourage you to bring a little more of “you” to your style choice the next time you head to the gym!  🙂 See how it makes you feel!  You’re already hella awesome for working on building a stronger you, both in mind and body – give yourself room to have a little FUN with it!  ❤


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