I’ve been a little busy getting crafty these last couple of days.  I’ve been searching forever for somewhere to organize all my nail polish; my random tub just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I had looked everywhere locally and couldn’t find anything, and everywhere I looked online it was either not quite what I had in mind, or the price point didn’t match what I wanted to invest.  That’s when I thought, “If you can’t acquire, then create!“… and this is what came out!  I’m so happy with how it came out (thanks to a little help from a pretty awesome guy), but a few things to note if you take on this project yourself:

1) Make sure you actually measure it out, and don’t just assume you can do it “by eye”.  I know this seems obvious, but I was super confident in my skills until nothing fit haha!

2) Make sure you measure BOTH height and width.  After measuring height and finishing the building, I realized that the width was way more than I needed.  Take into account what your preference is; maybe you’d like a wider shelf.

3) COUNT YOUR BOTTLES.  Make sure that what you’re creating is actually room enough for everything required.  Oh man, I feel like such a rookie for this mistake but sometimes when my creative juices flow, I just do (and the thinking trails behind).  I definitely did not count my stock and I ended up about 2-3 shelves short of what I actually needed.

4) Accept whatever happens.  I was so excited about this little project that I just dove right in and left everything to fall into place.  Sometimes, this won’t happen (lol oops!) but learn from it.  Everything teaches us, even things like creating a little polish shelf.  I’ve learned to double check everything beforehand.  I’ve learned how to better plan for something in the future.  I’m also learning to be okay with something if it’s not exactly what I had in mind.  At the end of the day, I still have a shelf that holds what I wanted it to – and my imagination and elbow grease are there to be proud of.

Appreciate what is, and leave what is not.  ❤


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