Now that winter is in full swing (with approximately 2 feet of snow on the ground), I find myself reminiscing to warmer temperatures and fancier flora.

One of my favourite go-to styles of Summer 2013 was a peplum pleat.   And who doesn’t love a good peplum?  Not only is it a great slimming choice (hellooooo waistline!), but everyone knows peplum is a great choice for a dinner date.  Food baby?  No problem!

Classic black on black never goes out of style, and this is probably why 96% of my closet is black.  It’s also safe for the days you wake up not wanting to wrack your brain about what patterns are ‘allowed’ to go together and which should absolutely be avoided.  I don’t pay much mind to the fashion “rules”, because as I stated earlier, rules were made to be broken!  I accredit my black closet to my laziness, plain and simple.  Of course, solid colours are always fun to play up with accessories – such as a cherry red bag and black/white colour-block stilettos!

Hat – H&M, Shirt – Suzy Shier, Pants – Dynamite



Hello!  Welcome to my blog, and thanks for stopping by.

For years I have been, what I guess you could call, an amateur fashion aficionado.  Since I hit puberty, I’ve fallen madly in love with anything and everything fashion.  As I’ve grown and matured (slightly), my fashion style has changed dramatically, and continues to do so.  I believe that’s what is so great about fashion – it is ever-changing and ever-evolving.  Fashion can be fun; it is supposed to be fun.   Yeah yeah, there are the famous “fashion faux-pas” rules (like no socks with sandals!), but rules were meant to be broken!

I’ve finally decided to translate my love of fashion and style onto the greater medium that is a blog.  I hope that I can inspire those die-hard fashionista’s (and the closet fashionista’s – you know who you are)  out there with my looks and inspirations.  Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes – and price tags.  I’m here to prove that, while yes there are all of the great brands out there that we love (Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent – I’m looking specifically at you!), looking and feeling great doesn’t have to break the bank.

Now – Let’s get this thing rolling!

Fur is back, people.  Really, I don’t think it ever truly left.  Fur is one thing that I absolutely LOVE for fall/winter styling.  I kind of feel like it goes with everything, and if you don’t agree with me – I don’t really care.   My only stipulation is that it be faux.  Weird, right? A girl who adores fashion so deeply but balks at the thought of wearing a true dead animal? Well, to each their own I suppose (no judgement on all you dead-animal wearers; I respect all fashion lovers equally).  Fit and flare jeans – you can’t go wrong.   One of my favourite fall looks is a solid fit and flare paired with a faux fur vest.  Throw in a pinstripe boyfriend shirt (tucked or loose, option is yours), and some suede-tassled booties (not pictured 😦 sorry) and you’re golden!

Vest – H&M, Jeans – Rock & Republic, Boots – Forever 21