Sundays are always “down” days for me.  I usually reserve these days as my recharge days.  I’m a pretty introverted person, so I definitely need to make time for myself in order to recharge my batteries.  Any other intro’s feel me???  Oh, I KNOW you do!  Today, however, I had a few errands to run…and that always seems to turn into “What can I wear out in public that’s basically like staying in pyjamas, but will still make me feel like I put in some effort?”

Enter: Active Wear. I would live in it if I could.  Anytime I get dressed in gym-type clothes, and I’m not actually heading to a gym, it always makes me laugh.  I think of that spoof on Active Wear that was everywhere on the internet a while ago, you know…”Active Wear, Active Wear, buying groceries in my Active Wear…” LOL.   But it’s SO comfortable, so how can you not want to be in it at all times?!  You know, someone needs to create “professional chic” activewear so I can continue my obsession whilst at the office.  Wouldn’t that be heaven?

Slipped into some of my favourite leggings,  a boyfriend shirt (okay, it’s actually a “pj” top, but no one knew that – until now), and my favourite Skechers sneakers (for real, these are the BOMB).  Threw my hair in a braided half top knot, and out the door I went!  It was one of those days that I left the house hoping no one would really notice me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was complimented on what I had thrown together.  It ended up being a great reminder to always spread love and speak to yourself from a place of love.  🙂  We really are our own biggest critics, and we’re always more beautiful than we think!  Keep that in mind next time you’re having a Sunday like mine.  xx
Leggings – Mondetta
Top – La Senza
Jacket – Old Navy
Sneakers – Skechers
Sunnies – RayBan
Bag – Lacoste


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