I Did A Thing

So… I did a thing.

It’s a thing that’s needed to happen for a while now, I just hadn’t realized.

If you’ve followed along with me so far, then you may have noticed something… different.
Something changed.
Something gone from where it’s been for the last 4 years.

That something is the absence of “The Wardrobe Key”.

Though this feels REALLY weird (and kinda sad) knowing that I am no longer associating with “The Wardrobe Key” branding, it’s also very… FREEING.

Here’s why:

When I first decided to get into blogging, I had NO plan.  No idea of where I really saw it going, or where I wanted it to go.  I just knew I wanted to write about things that stirred passion within me – whatever that may be; initially, the forefront of that passion lay in fashion.  When it came time to actually creating my blog (and essentially, my brand – though I hate that description because I am not a product on a shelf) – I kept drawing up blanks.  I scoured the internet for HOURS looking for inspiration to help me figure it out.

That should have been my first red flag.

Not to say that coveting your inspiration from the internet is a bad thing, but when you’re searching for something that is supposed to define you as a whole, and that is going to define you and stay with you – that’s BIGLY BAD.

(Ayyyyyyy, you still suck DT)

Point is, I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted my content to be, but I had no idea how to encompass that into one name – and ultimately the name I chose ended up being a poor fit.

I created “The Wardrobe Key” because it had a good ring to it, didn’t sound super ridiculous, I could explain it and connect it to what I was writing about (sort of) and it was available.

But it wasn’t ME.  I’ve tried and tried to make it work, but it’s just. not. me.

It didn’t allow me the freedom I was hoping for.  Instead of permitting me an array of outlets, it stuck me in a box and taped the lid.  Each time I tried to branch away from fashion, it just felt WRONG.  It felt like I was betraying TWK branding.

You know when you play Tetris and you’re on a roll, and all of the blocks are lining up and fitting together perfectly, and your scoring is EPIC? Yeah.  TOTAL OPPOSITE OF THAT.

I’ve tried and tried to spin TWK different ways in my head to fit the direction I want this platform to go, and it just WASN’T WORKING.  I was feeling like I let myself down.  I was feeling trapped, and I was feeling miserable.  Had I made a giant mistake starting this whole thing at all???

Instead of freedom to write about fashion (yes), and culture, and influence, and personal struggle, and travel, and whatever else came about in my life – I felt confined…to a very VERY linear subject area with little to no room for grey.  And I need the grey.


As much as I have struggled with the thought of letting TWK go (it feels like this little being that I’ve nursed and taken care of that I’m now just abandoning…) , this feels like the right thing to do for me.

I Am Matejka allows me to be me – all encompassing.
No black and white.
No cut and dry.

I Am Matejka represents and illustrates ALL of me.
It opens the door to all of the creative possibilities that are a part of my soul.
It’s the door that I should have chosen from Day 1.

If you’re used to thewardrobekey.com, you can still access iammatejka.com from that domain 🙂

If you’re used to thewardrobekey@hotmail.com, you can still email me via that carrier.
(Or you can use the new one – iammatejka@gmail.com) 🙂

You can still find me on Instagram, through @iammatejka 🙂


you are maybe wondering, “How the hell does ‘Matejka’ have anything to do with you?”

Let me break it down for you:

There’s a few monikers I’ve gone by throughout my life.  Most notably:
*Mayette (my given name)
*Ski (the nickname that really only my mother uses)
*Matty (the most common nickname – thanks, Liz!)
*Matejka (really a pet name from my boyfriend’s heritage, which essentially means “little Matty” – truly fitting in all perspectives.  Should be spelled Matyka, but I like the look and sound of Matejka better 🙂 SUE ME – but please don’t actually)

So there you have it!

Hopefully you have a better understanding now of why you can’t find TWK anymore, and I hope you’ll support me in this “re-branding” of myself.  I’ve been trying really hard to live a more authentic life, and this just felt like the right next step in doing that.


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